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Live betting creates an extensive betting offer at almost every bookmaker and is used by an increasing number of players. This way of betting is usually accompanied by greater emotions than predicting the results of sports events before they start. Second of all, it is an opportunity for considerable profits. However, live betting is also a higher risk of making ill-considered decisions and thus losing, so it’s worth knowing how to bet live so that the game brings optimal results.


An important element of the live betting offer are tools that facilitate the prediction of match results. The websites that offer live betting show constantly updated live scores and often the given statistics meet the correct outcome. Some bookmakers provide free live broadcasts of the event for the registered users. Although to be able to view them, additional conditions must be met (e.g. have some funds in a deposit account or place a bet). For players who place bets live, live broadcasts are a very strong magnet, because thanks to them they receive not only dry numbers but also get a full picture of the match, information about the disposition of teams or individual players, etc.

Another important thing regarding sports betting is that you should know the certain sport discipline very well. Lack of adequate knowledge about the rules of the game, its specifics, as well as the teams participating in the meeting, etc., in most cases ends with the player’s losses. Secondly, our knowledge should be up-to-date, so before the start of the match, it is worth carefully analyzing the types of experts and getting acquainted with all information about the current events (player injuries, etc.). However, during the match on which we want to bet, we should focus our attention on the analysis of subsequent events on the football pitch. It is definitely worth choosing those matches that we can watch in the form of live broadcasts. 

Risks and tips

Live sports betting has a large group of fans who emphasize the incredible excitement that comes with placing bets this way. Watching live broadcasts and betting on a match at the same time result in a more intense experience of what is happening on the football pitch and your own game. Live betting gives players the ability to react to current events and a sense of greater control over whether the game will ultimately bring you profit or loss. Moreover, the bookmaker’s chance of making a mistake when setting the odds for live betting is much higher, and overstated odds are not uncommon, so the vision of a big profit is especially clear here.

On the other hand, the big drops in odds do really happen here and the intense excitement that is often seen as a plus in live betting can easily turn against the tipster. As such, live betting often carries an even greater risk of losing than pre-match betting, so you need to be especially careful here and consider both.

Also, it is worth setting your game budget before you start betting, and try not to allow yourself to exceed it. Especially when betting on matches of the teams we support, it is easy to get carried away by unjustified enthusiasm.

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