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Each self-respecting online casino tries to appeal to as many potential players as possible, which is why its gaming databases also include sports-related games. Fans of various sports will certainly find something for themselves by playing slot machines. Below are some of the best slots with a sports theme.

1. Hockey Hero

In this 5 reels slot game we feel the atmosphere of ice hockey players. The symbols that can be found in this slot include skates, puck and a hockey helmet. The heroes of the game are three hockey players, each of which has the form of developed symbols that can cover the entire drum. Hockey goal is key to unlock free spins feature where you get 5 free games with random multiplier.

2. Football Star

The second proposal is the Football Star game. For the masses of soccer fans, this is a must-have slot game. Each of the symbols is genuinely associated with soccer. Other symbols include the umpire, court, goalkeeper defense and head shot. The reels are full of Wild symbols and the game itself has a special Striking Wild feature that can provide a lot of excitement with a guaranteed win. The slot also has an additional Rolling Reels feature, that’s nothing but a 10x win multiplier.

3. Sure Win

Sure Win is a cartoon style horse racing machine. The symbols found on the drums are horses, jockeys, trophies and binoculars. There is also a wild symbol which not only replaces winning combinations but can also multiply your payout three times. With every win you get by playing on the slot, you have the option to risk it to increase your payout. Choose red or black to double your winnings. Or choose one of the card colors to increase your reward x4.

4. Cricket Star

It is a game for cricket fans. The symbols that we meet here show the batting positions, pins and the pitch. The game has a Rolling Reels function, thanks to which you can get even bigger wins. Thanks to this feature, the win multiplier is up to x10. The game logo is a wild symbol that replaces any other symbol. The slot has a Wild Wickets feature which you can change the entire reel into Wild which guarantees a bigger win. Fans of stick games will surely be satisfied.

5. Rocky

Who doesn’t know the famous movie series with Sylvester Stallone as Rocky? Surely this game will be a lot of fun for boxing fans and this movie. The symbols in this game are the faces of the boxers and other people who took part in Rocky’s scenes, such as his trainer or wife. This slot has many special features. For example the “Knockout” bonus that will multiply our winnings. Cash prizes are awarded for each win against an opponent. The game has a double win bonus, free spins and if you spell ROCKY on the reels you will receive 5 times your total bet.

So if you are a sports fan and you like to spend your free time gambling, there is nothing easier than a combination of business and pleasure. So take advantage of the rich offers of slot machine games at online casinos with a sporty theme.

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